Adoptables at A Chance Animal Rescue

Our Adoption Application

Rufus is a happy and obedient fellow.  He is approximately 5 years old, crate trained, up-to-date on his necessary shots, and good with other dogs.  He is happy to hang out with his humans and does not demand much from them.  He loves to sit on cafe patios, and watch people.  Rufus is a mix of American Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier and Boston Bull Terrier.
 Marci  "Marci is a German Shepherd mix and approximately 4 years old. Marci came to us from a difficult situation, suffering from malnutrition. She has blossomed into an affectionate, willing dog with an eagerness to learn. Marci is also crate-trained and clean in the house. Marci is spayed, has her necessary vaccinations."

"Spencer is a Rotti x Bulldog mix. He is approximately 4 years old. Spencer has eight weeks of obedience training, all of his necessary vaccinations, and is neutered. He is a very happy dog but can be aloof when meeting new people. Spencer loves to please so he would be a loyal companion. Spencer is also crate-trained and clean in the house."


"Tia is a one and a half year old bundle of affection and energy.  She is well-mannered, crate-trained, and good with other dogs.  She loves to walk and can be a handful until she remembers her manners.  Tia is spayed and has her necessary vaccinations. Tia spends her days out with a feisty and bossy Jack Russell Terrier."


 "Dude is an older Jack Russell Terrier-Beagle mix.  He would do best in a home without other dogs or children.   He loves to go for walks but also loves to sleep on his bed.  Dude is affectionate
but does not like to be cornered.

Dude would do well in a retired home where he is loved, and understood.   He has had an abusive background, so he takes time to trust humans.  He is crate-trained."